Choosing the Right Chain for Your Pendant


The right chain for your pendant will depend on 3 factors: - material, thickness (strength), and length.  Your silver pendant will look best on a silver chain, likewise a gold pendant with a gold chain.  Heavier pendants like our medium and large cross and Zia pendants should be on a thicker chain, not just for appearance but the added security of being harder to break if the chain should catch on something and pull apart.  Nobody wants to see their expensive pendant disappear down a drain grate due to a weak, broken chain.  The third factor is length, which is strictly a personal choice based on where you want the pendant to hang.   Use the pictures below as a general guide.

One of our most popular options is a "slider" chain that can be adjusted to any length you want.  The free end can be pulled through a tiny friction fitting that holds any length up to the maximum length of the chain.  The free end is typically allowed to dangle behind the neck.  Our slider chains are strong enough for any of our pendants.

Ladies Length Guide
Mens' Length Guide
Mens Chain Length