Where it all Started

My fascination with jewelry began early in my childhood, with the gold earrings that my "Grandmo" Garcia wore nearly every day of her life. Most of the women in my extended family knew that their jewelry often represented the only wealth that they could truly call their own. I started buying and selling antique jewelry when I was 17 and soon had a burning desire to learn everything I could about gems and jewelry fabrication. I opened my first retail storefront in Long Beach, California in 1970, eventually owning and operating 4 stores in California over a period of 17 years.  I went on to complete courses at the Gemological Institute of America, taught myself silver and gold work, and have since amassed a substantial library on the art and science of jewelry making.


By 2008, with the taxation and regulatory burdens of doing business in California becoming unbearable, my husband and I moved to Las Cruces, and found a vibrant artistic community centered around the downtown Farmers and Crafters Market, where we have been selling continuously since 2009.  Unfortunately due to the changes caused by COVID-19 we have suspended our participation in public events for the time being, and shifted our focus to online sales. I specialize in unique gold and sterling silver designs reflecting the cultural heritage of the Southwest, and an increasingly large volume of repairs, precision laser welding, modifications and special orders.  I have maintained an active listing by the Jewelers Board of Trade since 1998, and been a member of Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America since 2010.