Repairs and Restorations


Do you have a vintage or collectible piece that needs repair or restoration?  I have one of the few solid state laser welders in southern New Mexico.  With my 10 years of experience using this advanced technology I can perform precision repair work that many other jewelers cannot.  A good laser weld is stronger than the virgin metal, and 200 times stronger than a solder joint.


I have extensive experience in ring resizing, retipping prongs, repairing bezel settings and fatigue cracks in silver and gold, converting pins and brooches to pendants (and vice-versa), as well as a few "oddball" projects such as clock parts, eyeglass frames and musical instruments.  Among the many benefits of this technology is the ability to repair loose or broken stone settings without removing or disturbing the stone itself in many cases.  This capability allows me to specialize in working on antique Native American jewelry set with fragile stones that could be easily damaged by other repair methods. 


My workshop includes a full range of lapidary machines and tools, the ability to do stone cutting, polishing and drilling, and a wide variety of rough stones available for color matching and replacement of lost stones.


Contact me anytime to discuss your repair, restoration and conversion needs!